Going Out of Business

frown faceThanks to all the teachers, trainers, presenters and entertainers who used our Game Show Presenter software to make it fun to pay attention for the last 20 years. It's been fun! But now Bodine Training Games LLC is going out of business. The rest of this page has details for our past customers.

End of Sales:

Starting Nov. 1, 2020, no new licenses for Game Show Presenter software will be sold because Bodine Training Games LLC is ceasing operations and going out of business. (Of course, past customers may continue to use the software they have already purchased.)

If you came to this site looking to buy game show software, we suggest you try Trainer's Warehouse game show products page .

Software Support:

Bodine Training Games LLC no longer provides live tech support or upgrades. We are not taking phone calls or answering emails about GSP, and there will not be any further software updates or upgrades. However, this web site (for as long as it continues to function) will have self-serve help pages and resources. And the final release of Game Show Presenter Gold includes a help folder with an extensive user guide.

For all past customers, there is a final release of Game Show Presenter GOLD, which you can download. The final version for Windows or Mac is v8.2. Past customers who purchased GSP Bronze or Classics may also get the final version cited above.

Since the company has ceased operations and is going out of business, we cannot guarantee any length of service, availability or suitability of Game Show Presenter software in the future.

Over time, compatibility issues are to be expected since Bodine Training Games LLC won't be around to produce updates as computer systems evolve. Eventually, you may need an alternative game show software.

Other Questions?:

As of Nov. 1, 2020, Gameshowpresenter.com is a self-serve support web site. Help yourself with the FAQ, Help, Resources, etc. buttons at the top of this page. We hope this site will continue to exist for a year or so, but eventually it will also cease to exist. So, you might want to print out the pages. Also note that the software manual for GSP GOLD is in the Help folder in your Documents > Game Show Presenter folder.

Goodbye and THANK YOU to all our customers, resellers, vendors, and business friends of the last 20 years!