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Question from a customer: I would like to use Game Show Presenter GOLD with a large audience. Too many people to use buzzers. Is there another option?

We do have customers who use Game Show Presenter with large audiences where buzzers are not practical. Here are ideas based on their experiences and our own insights into the software:

  • Of the four game types in the Game Show Presenter GOLD program, there are two that lend themselves to this kind of large-audience game: Quizathon and Categories. Both of those games let you set the number of players to 1. When you do that, you are treating your entire audience as a single team playing cooperatively to answer the questions. So no buzzers are involved. Anyone in the audience can be called upon to answer the question. If that person gives a wrong answer, the game can be set to allow other people to guess.
    • Other methods for letting individuals in an audience answer quiz questions:
    • Set up a Twitter hash tag and people in the audience can tweet to that channel to answer game questions. The game host can give a shout out to whomever is first to tweet the correct answer to each question.
    • For a more private channel, announce a cell phone number to which people can txt an answer to quiz questions.
    • For these electronic methods, you may need someone helping your host to comb through the incoming stream of answers to find who sent the first correct answer. This concept probably lends itself to a short quiz than, say, a 30-question Category board.
  • Want to introduce a basic level of team competition in your crowd? The Quizathon game also has a "Players Take Turns" mode. Using that, you can divide your big audience up into two or three teams, such as left side of the room versus right side. In "take turns" mode, the software automatically addresses questions to each of the teams in order. Add time pressure and you'll create the extra challenge of teams reaching consensus quickly before opportunities are lost.
  • For low-tech fun: If you can collect business cards or have a list of attendees, one fun way to play the quiz game is to draw a name and the person named gets to answer the next question. Optionally, anyone who gives a correct answer can have their name(card) dropped in a jar from which you hold a drawing for a prize at the end of the game.
  • Also, see the next question about using Poll Everywhere

    Question from a customer: Can this game work with something like Poll Everywhere?

    While Poll Everywhere does not integrate directly with our games, but you can still make it work. Here's how:

  • You'll want to have Game Show Presenter and Poll Everywhere both running on your computer.
  • Before the game, put up a slide that tells the audience how to use their smartphone or laptop to log in to your Poll Everywhere poll.
  • You can easily toggle back and forth between the quiz game and Poll Everywhere using "program switching" -- on Windows, that's ALT + TAB. On a Mac, it is Control + TAB.
  • There are a few settings of the quiz game to adjust: Set the number of players to 1 -- your entire audience is one team. You'll probably also want to set the countdown timer to 0. And set the number of wrong answers allowed to 1.
  • When the Game Show presents a new question, you initiate a poll so people can vote for one of the multiple choices. You don't need to type in the answer choices for the poll -- just give the poll choices as A,B,C etc. That works because your audience can read the full answers on the game show screen. Now they vote and Poll Everywhere collects the results.
  • When you want to end that question, end the poll first. Poll Everywhere should show you the vote tally. Then you take the most popular answer choice and, switching back into Game Show Presenter, you can either click on that answer or type in the letter (A,B,C, etc) for it. The game show will reveal the correct answer and show if that choice was right or wrong. The game automatically pauses after every correct answer is revealed, so if you need to do some training or clarifying, this is the time. Just press SPACEBAR when you are ready for the game to move on.

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