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Exhibit Quiz Game Makes the Message Memorable

Game show booth attraction at PA Farm ShowImagine a booth promotion that's so much fun people come back year after year to compete by demonstrating how well they know your marketing message. That's happening with the "PA Preferred Game Show" at the PA Farm Show.

"We like to make our booth fun and interactive," said Jeanne Rolen, an exhibit organizer at the PA Preferred booth. PA Preferred is Pennysvania's branding and marketing program that highlights local goods to build consumer awareness. "We gear the game show questions to deliver our message, Contestants learn about the program, veggies, milk production, and a bit of Pennsylvania trivia."

After four years using the game show promotion, it continues to be a strong exhibit attraction. "There is always a crowd waiting to play or watching," Ms. Rolen said. "Many attendees are local and they look forward to coming back to our booth each year to play the game. This makes our booth very popular and attracts many people."

The game is so popular that lines often form and people waiting to play can see the questions other contestants are answering on a big screen. That's great for maximizing the exhibitor's message. But it means the exhibit must rotate through a collection of quiz questions to keep the game fresh and challenging.

Fortunately, managing lots of quiz questions is simplified by using Game Show Presenter GOLD software. The exhibitor can prepare multiple quiz games to load as needed. The software manages the questions, the game's audio and visuals, keeps score and determines who buzzed in first. (A free trial version of the software is available here.)

To play, six people equipped with game show-style buzzers are arranged on either side of a table to compete. "We allow people to play as individuals or teams, especially if a young person wants to play with a parent, etc." Ms. Rolen said.

Prizes complete the game show experience. All contestants get reusable grocery shopping bags with the PA Preferred logo. And in addition to bragging rights, the winner of each game receives a tee shirt with the logo. Prizes are nice, but it seems to be the challenge and excitement of the game that keeps them coming back year after year.

The PA Farm Show always begins the first Saturday in January.


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