Make Sales Training Games for Product Knowledge & Policies

Sales trainers love our interactive games to engage and motivate their sales force to learn. It's easy to customize these challenging games with your product facts, policies, rules and skills training.

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"The event went GREAT! Software was easy to use and everything went smoothly." — Mark R. (Annual sales training event organizer)

Presentation games motivate maximum attention


Make learning product facts into a challenging game

Wake Them Up!

Motivate While You Educate Your Team

Make your sales training meetings engaging, fun and effective! With Game Show Presenter software, you can easily create motivational game show presentations on any topic. Product knowledge, features and benefits, policies, sales techniques, strategies and markets — all the details of your sales training can become memorable sales training activities for staff and reps.

Game Show Presenter software is the fast and easy way to make a TV-style, game show presentation. It wraps your sales training questions in fun, motivational game show formats that are very popular with trainees and audiences. For just $99, you can grab people's full attention and boost participation!

Game Show Presenter software lets you write the questions while it handles all the multimedia and score tracking. So you have a fast, easy way to turn sales meetings, seminars and training into presentation-quality game show activities.

I have been using your Game Show Presenter with great success at sales and customer meetings. — John (Sales trainer)

Here are a few of the ways our customers have used Game Show Presenter to enhance their sales force training:

  • Product Knowledge Training
  • Sales Training Orientations
  • Trade Show Booth Staff Training
  • Exciting Rollouts of New Programs
  • Fun Customer Training Events
  • Team Building Exercises


Your sales training and meetings are too important to settle for less than the full attention of your sales team. And, as proven by the unsolicited reviews on this page, Game Show Presenter is the tool that will make your event and your information memorable. Buy now to put your training into primetime with Game Show Presenter.

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Make Your Sales Training Fun and Effective Like These People Did!

  "I used this at our National Sales Meeting and everyone loved it. Great product." Brian (Sales trainer)

  "A great tool for us at our sales meetings to quiz and challenge our reps." Keri (Meeting planner)

  "Your program was used extensively and helped us have effective sales meetings." Kevin R. (National training manager)

  "The sales team loved it as opposed to the dry lecture-type presentations they've been getting." Kathy (Sales training coordinator)

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  "I have been using your Game Show Presenter with great success at sales and customer meetings." John (Sales trainer)

  "Our department just purchased your product last week and executed it for the first time yesterday with a fantastic reception." Shannon (Training coordinator)

  "We ran about 300 sales people through a one-hour game show last week and they absolutely loved it. I'm now a hero in our company thanks to your software. It enabled us to take a very dry subject and make it a ton of fun. Thanks!"Mike T. (Trainer)

 "I have used the program to do several trainings and it has been a big hit." Jerry R. (Director of training and sales development)

 "There really isn't anything that comes close to what you have designed. And say what great service you gave to support your program." Archie L. (Sales trainer)

  "This program has added another level of creativity and enthusiasm in planning for our corporate sales meeting."Louise (Sales meeting trainer)

  "It was GREAT!!"Julie (Sales trainer)

 "This is a very interesting and clever way to get a few points across."
Pam (Sales presenter)

  "My first client use of the quiz show was extremely well received yesterday. They loved it!"Paulette (Sales trainer)

  "We have had great response to the Game Show from our sales force."Erick (Training designer)

  "Just wanted to give you some feedback on my recent teambuilding retreat. In a word... OUTSTANDING! I did two serious planning sessions and in between I used Game Show Presenter as a team building exercise. It was a tremendous hit and a great change-of-pace for an otherwise intensive day. I have spent weeks in the past developing my own stuff. You made my preparation very easy for this one. I'm sure glad I ran across Game Show Presenter."Lon (Sales trainer)

  "I love using this in my training sessions!"Michele (Sales trainer)

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